Defy Expectations. Shatter Stereotypes

Dynamic Portrait Photography
for Women Over 40 Embracing
Their Authentic Selves

Step beyond traditional studio sessions with My Silver Crown Photography. Tailored to tell your unique story, our photography for women over 40 captures the essence of your life and style in a way that's as authentic and dynamic as you are.

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“When was the last time you saw yourself? I mean REALLY saw yourself?”

Not just as a caregiver, a partner, or a professional, but as the living and breathtaking woman you are?

Picture this: It’s just you, in your favorite place, doing what you love most, completely unguarded and brilliantly alive. Imagine capturing that moment—the real you, not posed or styled for anyone else’s eyes but a celebration of your own vibrant story.


Why My Silver Crown Photography


Photography often captures moments, but at My Silver Crown Photography, we capture transformations. For women over 40, the world too often sees roles before individuals—mother, partner, professional. Yet, each woman holds a story rich with depth, resilience, and beauty that routine portraits don’t reveal. Our photography sessions are designed to break free from these conventional views, focusing instead on the authenticity and vibrancy of your personal journey. Through tailored sessions that reflect your passions and the essence of who you truly are, we celebrate the living, breathing artwork that is you. Our portraits display the outpouring of our mission that is all about validation, empowerment, and visibility for every woman who feels unseen by the mainstream narrative.


Just as an artist selects the perfect palette for her masterpiece, at My Silver Crown Photography, we craft each session with a deep understanding that no two women are alike. We carefully select locations, times, and themes that resonate with your individual story, ensuring each photograph captures the essence of your personal journey. Beyond mere images, we create a visual narrative that celebrates your passions, your quiet moments, and the vibrant life you lead. We want to celebrate YOU!

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