About Us

Behind the Brand

I have always been the shy one.  The woman who loved to stay behind the scenes and be virtually unnoticed.  Attention and compliments, nah, I did not want them.  It was not that I lacked confidence, I simply preferred the spotlight to be on someone, anyone other than myself.  

Today, I am still pretty shy at times, but the butterfly has been awakened.  Having been transformed in many ways since embracing my silver hair,  I now realize that there is a Bad*$$ living inside of me and she wants to be set free!

My Silver Crown is a black owned t shirt company that was created for the queen who is stepping into her season of discovery and acceptance.  No, this journey is not for the weak.  It calls for you to step outside of the status quo.  You may not have many who support you along this journey because they simply don't understand it.  For too long we have allowed others to dictate what beauty and aging should look like.

The mission of My Silver Crown is to create a community of Silver Queens who stand up to bullying and hair color shaming by openly and intentionally showcasing their silver hair pride while encouraging other women to do the same.  We are silver sisters who are going gray gracefully. No more holding up walls, we are here to tear them down and look amazing while doing it!  





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